How the pretended "Law" is "enforced"

Politicians and bureaucrats like Chris Puplick openly advocate coercion -- but do you think they would be personally willing to enforce it? What about the falsely-called "judges" who ostensibly "judge" that the coercion they help to perpetrate is "right"? Would any of them be willing to go to the house of someone who didn't "submit", and personally demand that this "offender" pay him $50 (or whatever the "fine" is) - perhaps at gun-point? And what if the "offender" refuses to "pay"?

What percentage of all these politicians, bureaucrats, "judges", etc., would be willing to personally enforce their own evils? How about if the person they're to enforce their "fine" on is a relative, or a friend, or a sister, or their mother, or how about their grandmother? (If you, the reader, also believe that there should be coercive "laws" - then you should ask yourself these same questions!)

The issue here is that of responsibility. The "lawyer" bureaucrats who "write the laws", don't even have to think about this. They take no personal responsibility for their actions!

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action." - George Washington

What happens in their "system" is this: First they have to brainwash people into believing that the noises and scribbles which emanate from the mouths and pens of the liars, impostors, and parasites who masquerade as "government" are the "law" (so-called), and are "special", "important", and "must" be "obeyed"; and secondly that their pretended "laws" are "valid" and "legitimate". So they have a "government"-system where they dupe masses of people into believing that they are "represented" by "representatives" who "approve" and "enact" the "laws", then they have all sorts of "official"-looking books, reports, etc. where they write their pretended "laws" in - so that it can all be "confirmed". They also brainwash people to believe that if anyone doesn't like any of these "laws", then their "only" option is to ask the "government" bureaucrats to "change" or "repeal" the "laws"; but until this occurs, they "must" still "obey".

Then they publicise their threats on what they'll do if you don't obey them. For those who don't obey, they send "official" looking forms to the "offenders", on which they quote bits of their pretended "laws" as "evidence", and demand that the "fines" are "paid" - or else! Since their mere words are enough to get many of their victims to "comply", this is often all they need to do, otherwise they send out more letters, becoming more threatening each time.

They also have a game they call "court". In this game, they administer what they call "justice". But not what most people consider to be justice - such as the common dictionary definition of: just conduct, fairness, the principle of what is right... -- Whilst terrocrats secretly let people believe that they also mean this, the term, as they use it, is a completely subjective one of: "the administration of law" - this sounds "good" to most people, when considered at a superficial level, but in most cases it actually translates to: the administration of terrocrat deception, oppression, and exploitation. Of course they also use their "courts" for legitimate things too though... thus why it's easy to confuse them for always being only "good".

In this "court" game, the falsely-called "judges" sit in an elevated position - in order to convey their supposed status of "Your Worship" - they like to believe that they're "supreme", but it's really all for show.

They play this game amongst themselves, even if the person whom they demanded to "go to court" and play the game with them doesn't show up. They also add their "court costs" onto the "fine". Anyone who tries to win when playing by their rules, has little chance of success - the game is always rigged in the terrocrat's favour. Of course this "court" game is supposed to further the impression of "legitimacy" to what they do - and it usually works for them. They also have a thing they call "contempt of court" - which they label on anyone who may reveal the truth about their "court" game. i.e. "Come play with us and by our rules or we guarantee that you'll lose!"

After this, they reach the stage where potential problems occur for them, because if it comes to them having to "enforce" the payment of their "fine", then they are in need of someone who is willing to go and personally collect it! So they employ a depraved, unthinking person, with a similar anti-personality to that of Chris Puplick, who's willing to "uphold and enforce the law" (whatever that requires of him) whenever called upon. Essentially, what they use is a robot. They program their robot by telling it: "these are the laws...."; then they say: "this person violated the law - execute the laws - arrest him!"; and off goes their robot.

This robot-person dresses up as a "policeman" or "sheriff", and by some "magical" transformation, he is suddenly perceived by most people, not as a common bully, robber, murderer, or thug, but as a genuine "policeman" who is "legitimately upholding the law" - for the good of the people, to prevent crime, rape, murder, robbery, etc.

This same "policeman" also perceives himself to be "legitimately upholding the law" - for the good of the people, to prevent crime, rape, murder, robbery, etc. - and therefore everyone else must obey him - even if for no other reason than because he's a "policeman"! People are also "educated" to believe that this "policeman" has "special powers" and "special rights" - more than what the "citizen" has; and this "policeman" may violate the rights of others, if he deems it "necessary" to "uphold the law", etc.

(The pretentiousness of the terrocrats may not be fully apparent until you see them claim things like "O.H.M.S." -- as was written on the envelope from the pretended "Sheriff's Office Victoria" -- which supposedly stands for: "On Her (or His) Majesties Service". It's like they're staking a claim to "greatness", because they're on some crusade from an impostor "royal", trying to convert everyone to their perverted notion of "justice". Note how this particular letter had the word "JUSTICE" (Department Of) at the top in extra large and bold letters -- could this be an attempt to provoke a feeling of "guilt" in the individual who they're trying to make their victim?)

They then issue this "policeman" with an "official" looking document - the so-called "Warrant To Arrest" - and he goes to the house of the "offender", demanding the payment of the "fine", "or else!" This "policeman" might be feeling rather confident about what he does too, because most "government" bureaucrats have gone to great lengths to "ban guns" (make their "citizens" defenceless!), and this "policeman" is one of the few who may "lawfully" carry a gun. So it's unlikely that the innocent person who this "policeman" is about to coerce, will become violent and/or shoot the pretended "policeman" in self-defence, because the real victim here (the so-called "offender") may see this "policeman" for what he really is, i.e. a thug trying to rob or murder him.

The terrocrats who caused all of this to occur, don't even need to know what is actually happening, and indeed, they probably don't know - because long before all this, they handed all of their dirty-work over to another department - which they give a "legitimate"-sounding name of: "Department of Justice". (Which would appropriately be name: Department Of Injustice.)

What happens next? I'll leave it to your imagination. But all of the above is only one of many possible outcomes. John could have ended their entire game after they sent the first letter/demand. But if he's to see how low they'll stoop, so that I can reveal more parts of their hoaxes here, then he'll have to leave it until the last moment - and he's gladly willing to do that, partly for the amusement value of observing their pathetic games. He told me all of his plans, but I won't repeat them here. However, it shall suffice to say for now that he'll simply avoid confronting any of them.

Note how so long as people perceive that the coercion comes from a supposed "authority", then it's somehow "OK"! Infact, they probably don't even recognise it as coercion... instead, some people even label the victim as a "cheater", "evader", "criminal", etc., and they think of the pretended "government" bureaucrats and coercive "police" as "good"! This paradox is awfully ironic.

Everyone must think for themselves and take responsibility for their own actions. A person can not rob or murder someone, then say: "I was just following orders!", and expect to be excused. (Though the terrocrats would have a lot to lose if they didn't excuse the criminal "policeman"; so they perpetuate their oppression and exploitation by doing just that! Consider yet another of their frauds and hoaxes here: They wouldn't excuse the falsely-called "offender" (the real victim), if he acted in self-defence by using physical force against the "policeman", or if he shot the "policeman" - because he was left with no other means to prevent himself from being harmed or shot by the "policeman"! The "government" bureaucrats want to protect their "system" and themselves, so they'd label him as: "Resisting Arrest" and/or a "Murderer", then they'd take him through their "court" game, etc! Note that at no stage are any of these bureaucrats or "police" willing to take personal responsibility for their actions. Their whole "system" is specifically designed to be irresponsible!)

These coercive "police" are ready to "enforce" whatever crimes against innocent people that their terrocrat "employers" order. They are willing to extort "taxes" from those who refuse to "pay" them - so as to make sure that their wages, and the wages of their "employers" - whatever amounts they desire - are paid. They are also willing to "enforce" the payment of "tax", on behalf of lazy people who don't bother to work, to pay for their "benefits". They also like to lock up masses of people who've been "convicted" of "victimless crimes" - at "taxpayer's" expense! But don't worry - they only want to make you a "good citizen"!

You see, without their "police", all these politicians, bureaucrats, "judges", etc. would be seen for what they really are - i.e. nothings! The cowards couldn't stand behind their "courts", their "parliaments", their "legal system", etc., anymore!

The fact that these "police" also perform the legitimate functions of pursuing robbers, murderers, rapists, etc., does not "justify" their current existence. If "police" took a conscious approach to their job, and thought for themselves, instead of "upholding" pretended "laws" which are exploitive and/or oppressive, then they would probably:

  1. respect other people and other people's property - the same as all decent people who don't call themselves "police" do;
  2. only pursue real criminals - i.e. those who have harmed or violated another person or another person's property (and where they didn't have permission from the person whose person or property they're harming) - e.g. thieves, robbers, rapists, muggers, murderers, frauds, etc.;
  3. no longer be employed by their current "employers" (they don't "bite the hand that feeds them", so it's highly unlikely that they'd suddenly wake up to the real situation, and lock up their own "employers" - whom are (most of?) the real criminals).

The use of coercion which results in the violation or harm of a person or their property, is essentially crime; and such coercers are essentially criminals. So if we consider all of the pretended "laws" of "governments" which involve coercion - and this is probably most of them, then we could come to the conclusion that most of what is called "law enforcement", should in fact be referred to as: crime enforcement.

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