What are the main reasons for "compulsory voting/enrolment"?

Why are some bureaucrats and politicians so determined to have people "enroll" and "vote"?

In a glossy colour magazine published by the "Australian Electoral Commission" bureaucrats (and paid for by "taxpayers" of course!), a case is presented for and against "compulsory voting".

Padraic McGuinness presents his case against "compulsory voting", and in it he writes:

"The arguments for compulsory voting are, in essence, that it imposes a civic duty upon the citizens of a democracy, and that it serves to educate them by bringing them regularly to perform that civic duty."

A point that he doesn't address is: What exactly is the nature of this "education"? Are people learning something useful and beneficial, such as a genuine education would be? Hardly! Here are some suggestions about the nature of this "education":

The above points may seem harsh/extreme to the general onlooker, but even when considered in small amounts, such a supposed "education" is certainly of no benefit to those being "educated".

The AEC and other "government" departments publish lots of "educational" (brainwashing) materials (with more tens of millions of "taxpayer's" money, of course), especially for "schools", in an attempt to make sure that their "education" is the first to be administered to innocent young children -- instead of leaving them to form their own opinions on "politics", "voting", "government", etc., from their own experiences later in life, where their initial opinions would then be reality-based, instead of subjective and highly biased to what "government" bureaucrats want them to "know".

"Whoever thinks much is not suitable as a party member: he soon thinks himself right out of the party." - Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, all too Human, s.579, R.J. Hollingdale transl.

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think." - Adolf Hitler

There is another reason why they have "compulsory voting". As demonstrated in Chris Puplick's article, "government" bureaucrats and politicians are very aware of what would happen without "compulsory voting".

The way they operate is this: The more people they can get to "vote", the more they believe they can "justify" what they do - regardless of whether what they do is good or bad. The "government" bureaucrats and politicians take great pride in claiming things like: "The majority voted for me", "I represent the people", etc. In fact, one of their major notions is that they are a "representative government".

This grossly mistaken belief is typified in the comments of "Senator Herbert Payne", which Chris Puplick quotes in his "case for compulsory voting" article:

"...The presumption is that our laws are enacted by a majority of electors represented by a majority of the members in this Parliament..."
Note that "Senator Herbert Payne" said: "The presumption is that...". He didn't say anything like: "The fact is that..."! "Senator Herbert Payne" is telling the whole truth! They presume it!

Suppose, after much consideration (where everyone had knowledge of all the relevant facts - only a few of which have been presented in this booklet), everyone came to the conclusion that the system of "voting" offered by "government" bureaucrats, is inherently corrupt, immoral, fraudulent, wasteful, ineffective, useless (to the "voters"), and just plain pathetic. Under such circumstances, if there was an "election", I doubt if anyone would "vote". Sure, this is unlikely to happen, but it could. That would clearly be a disaster for all the "government" bureaucrats and politicians! Even to the most naive "voter", it would be obvious that if few or no-one "voted", then they couldn't get away with their deceptions so easily. Since how could they be "representatives" then? How could they be "acting upon the will" of "the majority", etc.?

That's why they go to great lengths to get as many people "voting" as is practical. One of their main aims in the "voting" process, is to maintain beliefs in their "citizens" such as: "your vote does count!", "it is your duty to vote!", etc. Think of what would happen if the majority of people became disillusioned with the "voting" process (and "government" in general)! Bureaucrats and politicians might do and say almost anything to prevent this!

One obvious solution to them of course is "compulsory voting"! It's so simple! All they have to do is "write a new law", and because most people believe that "the law" is whatever the "government" bureaucrats say it is, therefore it "must be obeyed" - but besides, even if it isn't, even if it's just absurd noises and scribbles emanating from the mouths and pens of lunatics, the "government" bureaucrats have "police" to "enforce the law" - so the matter of "voting" is settled for them. They then prey on the ignorance and fear of people with threats of "penalties" if they don't "obey".

It's ironic however, that the coercion seems to go largely unnoticed to many people, because they are quick to just take the easy way out and go and "enroll" and "vote" whenever called upon (How many people operate in the Bicameral-Stage-1 mode where obedience is paramount? - i.e. it doesn't even matter if, when complying with the so-called "law", what they end up doing is harmful to themselves or others, or wastes their time, etc.). Many people are effectively blind to coercion, because they always automatically do as they're told.

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