Part 1.

When a person, or people in an organisation, business, "government", etc., present themselves in public, they will only reveal what they believe to be their good traits. To the general onlooker, or the inexperienced/ignorant, this is all that they see and know of. (Please note that I do not use the words "inexperienced" or "ignorant" in a derogatory sense, since everyone is born inexperienced and ignorant.) Just as when marketing a product/service, only the positives are advertised (and in some cases, the people in the organisation, business, or "government" may not even know about the negatives of their product/service - which can sometimes be harmful or even fatal).

However, there are bad traits to almost everyone, and to have anything more than a generally useless superficial knowledge of any particular person, organisation, business, or "government", you often need to know not only their good traits, but also their bad traits.

It may take some experience with them before you notice these bad traits, or you may simply be able to draw from your previous experiences with others, to know of potential bad traits.

"We are like shop windows in which we are continually arranging, concealing or illuminating the supposed qualities others ascribe to us - in order to deceive ourselves." - Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak, s. 385, R.J. Hollingdale transl.

Some people operate in a mode of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" -- and when they've only known about someone's good traits for a long time, they refuse to acknowledge the bad traits, when someone else points them out. This difficulty arises from circumstances where the person who believes that the person, organisation, business, or "government", is "all good", with no bad -- has not experienced any of the bad, or if they have, then they don't recognise it as bad. Delusions can be overwhelming. In extreme cases, two people can have opposite perceptions of what is "good" and what is "bad"!

Some people make it part of their life's existence to mislead, oppress, and exploit others - and sometimes they're not even consciously aware that they're doing this, or how they're doing it - probably because they have developed perceptions which are a perverted version of reality (in their mind, they create their own "reality", which has no objective basis on what reality truly is). Of course, all of these people - whether they are knowingly or unknowingly misleading, oppressive, or exploitive - also only advertise their good traits. (The unknowingly misleading, oppressive, and/or exploitive, will usually only acknowledge the feedback from their good traits, whilst ignoring any feedback from their bad traits - yet another form of self-induced delusion (similar to the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" mode of operation, they think: "how could I do any wrong! I only intend to do good!"). When someone lives in an excessive state of delusion, we end up with the seriously depraved. They often try to impose their afflictions on others, without cause.)

Consider a situation where someone claims they want to help you (they may have something which they think you'll want/need, or that you should do as they say because they know what is best, etc.):
If this person has genuine intentions of helping you (Their help could be in any form of product or service - e.g. protection, advice, education, assistance, etc. - which they may be trying to sell to you.), and has proven to do that in the past, and/or is gladly willing to demonstrate how they intend to help you, then there is usually no problem. But if you refuse their help, then they will either respect your wishes and leave you alone, or they may try to reason with you through persuasive means -- but a real helper will never resort to using coercion to make you accept their help (where they'd actually end up harming you, or their use of coercion doesn't prevent you from being harmed - though a real helper will leave you to be the ultimate judge of all this)! (Coercion is the initiation or threat of fraud, force, theft or violence - used to overcome the will of another.)

In summary, a real helper poses no threat or problem -- But when an inexperienced/ignorant person is confronted by someone who's, knowingly or unknowingly, a misleader, oppressor and exploiter - masquerading as a "helper" - then the problems begin. The inexperienced/ignorant person is also at a massive disadvantage, because the misleader, oppressor and exploiter is usually very knowledgeable in his or her particular field of misleading, oppression or exploitation - which may be thought to be "good" by all, and advertised as such. (Another problem here is that inexperienced/ignorant people usually aren't aware of their inadequacies, because how could they be, when they're inexperienced or ignorant?)

When an inexperienced/ignorant person is confronted by masses of these pretended "helpers" (who could be associated under the name of an organisation, business, institution, or "government"), all only advertising their good traits, then their effect is usually overwhelming.

Note that a pretended "helper" is the opposite of a real helper, in any or all of the ways mentioned. e.g.: A pretended "helper" may not have a genuine intention of helping you; usually hasn't proven to be of help in the past; often isn't willing to demonstrate how he'll help (he may not even know the details of that himself!), or may give a weak, grossly simplified and flawed demonstration; he may particularly dislike you even questioning his pretended "authority" to "help" you; he typically won't care about whether you want his "help" or not, because he believes that: "only I know what's best for you!"; as a result, he may not even ask you if you want his "help"; and he will often resort to using coercion, subtly at first, and more noticeably later, if he finds it "necessary". There may be no limit to how much coercion he's willing to use, in order to make you "comply" (receive his pretended "help").

However, if you have accepted the "help" of pretended "helpers" in the past, and continue to do so - perhaps by mere acquiescence - then they may not have had to coerce you, thus you may not notice their true nature as pretended "helpers". (At least until you tell them that you don't want their "help" anymore!)

A pretended "helper" who's also deluded, will have perverted ways of "justifying" the coerced "help" he provides, but he perceives it as "good", and what anyone else thinks doesn't matter to him anyway, because he "knew" all along that he was "right", and that his way is "best"! If someone points out obviously bad results to him, then he may rely on their inexperience/ignorance by saying things like: "that wasn't my fault!", or "you couldn't have done any better!", or "it would have happened anyway, there was nothing anyone could have done about it!", or "there are some bad things in life which we all just have to put up with", or any number of other deluded (and self-deluding) means (and in effect, they are deceitful too).

Any situation is worsened when it involves pretended "helpers" who aren't aware of the fact that they're really misleaders, oppressors and exploiters, and they themselves are responsible for the problems. But of course, the inexperienced/ignorant don't really know either way; they may become dependent on the "helpers" and call upon them again and again to fix the "problems" - but none of them know what is really wrong, so when the "helpers" go about implementing more of their promised "solutions", they inadvertently create more problems, because their supposed "fixes" weren't operating from the source of the real problems. It can get to the stage where neither the once "knowledgeable" pretended "helpers", nor the inexperienced/ignorant people know what to do, but they continue on anyway, because essentially, they're all unaware of their few real problems (the pretended "helpers" and their "system"; and their own ignorance/inexperience which is perpetuated through their dependence, and never needing to fully learn, experience, and mature in their own lives). Another way that things get worse, is when the inexperienced/ignorant perceive there to be a "problem", or they discover what they think is a "problem", and demand that the "helpers" solve this "problem" with a "solution" that the inexperienced/ignorant provide. All of them are always operating at a superficial level, and things can only get worse like this! However, it may even get to the stage where most, or almost all of them, have deluded themselves about the way things are, so much so that they think that there aren't any significant problems, and that things are all going well overall -- when really, the amount of misleading, oppression, and exploitation going on around the world, is worse than it has ever been!

"Where the poor power of the eye can no longer see the evil impulse as such because it has become too subtle, man posits the realm of goodness; and the feeling that we have now entered the realm of goodness excites all those impulses which had been threatened and limited by the evil impulses, like the feeling of security, of comfort, of benevolence. Hence, the duller the eye, the more extensive the good. Hence the eternal cheerfulness of the common people and of children. Hence the gloominess and grief - akin to a bad conscience - of the great thinkers." - Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, s. 53, Walter Kaufmann transl.

"Hitler is said to be a genius of politics. That alone should tell us what politics really is." - Wilhelm Reich, Mass Psychology of Fascism, 1933

"Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of an advance auction of stolen goods." - H.L. Mencken

Part 2.

A very long time ago, some people used to openly mislead, oppress, and exploit others. There was no doubt in anyone's mind at the time, that they were misleading, oppressing, and exploiting. It was usually done in such a savage, barbaric way, that there was no possibility of misunderstanding or delusion. Those that submitted to this oppression and exploitation, typically to avoid being killed, were called slaves.

As the slaves became used to being slaves, and they had children who were also made slaves; they would sometimes be misled into believing that overall, they were better off simply being slaves, so they resisted their masters less and less. But they always knew they were being oppressed and exploited. They were never truly happy with their situation, and would often yearn for freedom and a better way of life. They were easily aroused to regain their freedom, whenever sufficient numbers of them organised themselves to do this, knowing that most or all of the others would also fight back, and they would succeed.

However, as time passed, the misleaders, oppressors, and exploiters, learnt better and less obvious ways to mislead, oppress, and exploit. They became better organised, and more efficient in their ways. They realised that by co-operating with each other, in large numbers, that their efforts were much more effective. They also discovered ways to hide many of the bad things they do - such as by making up many extra words, which supposedly meant entirely different things - where really they didn't, but most people unquestionably accepted their words/concepts as "valid" and "appropriate". They organised themselves into a hierarchy of "power" and "authority", with the "head" of this arrangement calling himself by a name of "king" or "emperor". The others had names of "queen", "duke", "prince", "princess", "lord", "archbishop", "bishop", "earl", "viscount", "count", "baron", "knight", etc. Anyone who had one of these "titles" was somehow perceived to be "special" and "important" - their "status" was "elevated" in the minds of "lesser humans" - who "lowered" themselves when in the presence of someone "important". They defined which areas of land were "their territories", "realms", etc. The general belief was that the "king" had a "Divine Right from God" to "rule over" everyone in "his realm". An extensive religious system was established in support of all this, which also served to "educate" everyone about these ways. They also instituted great systems to administer all their slaves - who were no longer called slaves - they were now called: "vassal", "serf", or "subject". The "king's" will was "law" - which "must" be obeyed by everyone else - or they would be clubbed, hung, tortured, slain, burnt, etc. (or at least that's what was threatened!)

But this "system" was often severely and openly abused, above what the "subjects" were willing to tolerate, and above what those "in power" had promised to do, or not to do; so the "subjects" would often revolt against their misleaders, oppressors and exploiters. Even so, this "system" proved to be more useful to the oppressors and exploiters, and was used for a long time.

Then, not so long ago, the misleaders, oppressors, and exploiters (many of whom were descendants of previous generations of same), discovered even better ways to mislead, oppress, and exploit. They even managed to hide almost all of the bad, and at the same time, exaggerate the good, so much so, that most people believed that they were finally rid of the old, bad ways.

They instituted a system whereby their male "subjects" - now usually called "citizens", could "vote" on who was to be the "head" of the "power" and "authority" arrangement (out of various "candidates" offered to them), and sometimes on who was to administer parts of the "system". They called this new "system" the "government".

They also changed most of the other names of their hierarchy of "power" and "authority" to: "president" or "prime-minister", "minister", "senator", "representative", "secretary", "judge", "general", "governor", "attorney", "police", "lawyer", etc.

Some of the "lawyers" and others in this new "system" wrote up a pretended "contract" which they called the "constitution". In this "constitution", they (the thirty or so people out of millions) claimed to be "We the people", or "Whereas the people have agreed", or similar absurd and fraudulent claims. This "constitution" supposedly "bound" the "government" and all the "citizens" - even though none of the "citizens" had ever signed it, and few may have ever read it, let alone agreed to it, and many of them never even knew it existed. But this was overlooked by the "citizens" - who didn't know any better anyway, and so the "government" bureaucrats got away with it too easily. The "constitution" purportedly "authorised" the "government" bureaucrats to take the property/money of the "citizens" (by force if necessary - when the "citizens" didn't "volunteer"), amongst many other things. This "constitution" was declared to be the foundation of the "government", and the "supreme law", which also purportedly "authorised" the "government" bureaucrats to "make" the "laws" which all "citizens", then existing and born afterwards, "must" obey - or be "fined", or "jailed", or both. (or at least that's what was threatened!)

This method proved to be so effective in misleading people, that almost everyone, including most of those "in government", eventually also believed that it was mostly or all "good". Those "in government" perceived themselves as part of, and the cause of that "good". Eventually, most "countries" copied this "system" - and they all had a "government" - because, after all, they were "convinced" that if they didn't have a "government", then there'd be people trying to mislead, oppress, and exploit them, and how else could they stop it if they didn't have a "government" to "protect" them!? -- Well this is what their "government" bureaucrats tell them anyway!

Eventually, every type of "citizen" - men, women, white, black - all wanted to be able to "vote"; and this "right" was "granted" to them.

Some "government" bureaucrats saw how "powerful" the belief in "voting" was in their "good citizens", so they made the act of "voting" - previously voluntary - to be "compulsory" on all "citizens" aged 18 or over.

Thus, we have arrived at the situation, approximately, as it is today.

"In countries" where "voting" is "compulsory"; when the subject of "compulsory voting" comes up in conversation, many people quickly respond with something like: "but if voting wasn't compulsory, then most people wouldn't bother to vote!" This is exactly the point! "Government" bureaucrats and politicians know this.

One could reply: "So what! Who cares if most people don't vote?" This is one of the things I'd like to explore with you, as there are many people who care a great deal about it - they happen to be the same people who have the most to lose from "citizens" not "voting"; but the major thing I'll be demonstrating here is the huge myth (and hoax) being hidden by the entire "voting" system ("compulsory" or not) itself. For now though, it shall suffice to say that the "voting" system plays a major part in "politics" - this is why I have specially prepared this information, written specifically about these and related issues.

This booklet reveals some of the many bad traits of "government" bureaucrats - like them or not, they are there, and I believe that you need to inform yourself of them. Personally, I don't know of any good things about the masses of pretended "helper" "government" bureaucrats around the world today.

"The evils of tyranny are rarely seen, but by those who resist it." - John Hay, Castilian Days, II, 1872

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