Affidavit of Truth

(for Sovereign Status)

Many organizations provide services individuals can apply to change their status from "tax slave" or "feudal subject of the government" to Sovereign Individual. Some organizations provide you with hundreds of pages of documentation you send to dozens of government agencies. They more or less do everything for you. Other organizations provide courses in which they teach you how to do it yourself. They don't want you to become dependent on them. Typically, these services cost anything from $500 to $10,000.

A simple approach has been developed that may achieve the same objective: an Affidavit of Truth you file with the local County Recorder. You don't send it to any government agencies - so you minimize the risk of raising "red flags" and being put on government "hit lists".

(Note: filing the affidavit as mentioned here, is only one of several strategies which can be used. Many people point out that the filing of any document may raise a "red flag", so you should research all of your options prior to filing. (The advantages of filing (one of which is giving notice to government bureaucrats) should not be overlooked though.) Even on it's own, this affidavit could be used as a demurrer in replying to "government" letters - if you ever need to. So it could be very useful to have such an affidavit handy anyway, even if you never actually file it.)

The Affidavit of Truth is a document that basically states that the person declaring it is a Sovereign Individual or "freeborn Sovereign" consistent with the tradition of natural common law. Several U.S. Supreme Court cases are cited in support of this declaration.

The Affidavit then declares that any supposed "hidden" or "adhesion" contracts, the government might claim have compromised the status of the Sovereign, are null and void from the outset. Specifically covered are:

The Affidavit continues to describe Federal Jurisdiction as defined by the U.S. Constitution and a number of U.S. Supreme Court cases. Then it covers the powers and contractual obligations of government officials and the issue of statutes and regulations contrary to the U.S. Constitution being null and void.

Finally, the Affidavit includes a revocation of any power of attorney the government might claim attaches to the Social Security number and birth certificate.

This Affidavit has not been tested in any court, and we cannot make any claims as to its efficacy.

Several people have already filed the Affidavit with their local County Recorder. One person said that his local County Recorder refused to file the Affidavit because they didn't have a miscellaneous category. He simply went to the next county and filed it there.


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