Edited by Frederick Mann


by Don Smith

[Reprinted with permission from Volume 3, Number 2 of AntiShyster, PO Box 540786, Dallas, TX 75354-0786 -- (214) 559-7957 -- annual subscription $25.]

Most of government's activities consist of collecting moneys or taxes from Americans for various alleged civil or criminal wrongs. Therefore, an insight into ordinary debt collection axioms and experience is useful to the average anti-government litigator.

From the point of view of government Agents (predators), debtors are "prey" who can be classified within the following spectrum:

1. Slaves: Once they receive a government Demand letter ("give me your money, slave!"), they will send a check regardless of whether they owe the money or not.

2. Whiners: Upon receiving a Demand, they'll complain, "I don't believe I owe," but their trembling voices will show they have no substance. So when the Agent says LOUDLY, "Are you refusing to pay?!", the Whiners will send the check. Whiners are also Slaves, but they have read a book or two about Men or Women.

3. Evaders: Those who simply refuse the green cards, ignore the Demand letters, etc. They are weak, without substance, and will not resist in court. The Agent knows he'll get a default judgment, garnish their wages, seize their car, and collect readily. Evaders are Slaves with bad attitudes.

4. Red Necks: These bluster or threaten, and may even file an Answer or complaint to some consumer protection agency -- but they are ignorant and therefore easily beaten. Red Necks are also subject to garnishment or seizure, but government Agents must first listen to them to determine their level of knowledge since they may actually fight and occasionally get lucky. Government Agents routinely crush Red Necks, just as if they were Slaves. However, Red Necks are not Slaves, but are simply so ill-raised and poorly educated that they cannot defend themselves.

5. Men and Women: Perhaps 5% of the population who respond to a government Demand by asking questions. They don't merely complain, evade, threaten, or even deny. They ask questions, which implies the presence of intelligence, understanding, and sufficient courage to challenge and perhaps defeat the Agents.

As soon as a government Agent hears a sensible question, all summary process stops since Agents know that those who ask questions may be Men or Women and, as such, can be genuinely dangerous. As soon as an Agent is asked a sensible question, he will re-examine his Demand to make sure his position is sound, go back to his Principal to ask if there is any reason that the debtor may not owe, or if the amount demanded may be in error. The Principal usually senses his Agent's caution and cautiously re-examines the Demand he put forth for collection.

The government will probably proceed with the collection anyway, but from the moment the debtor asks the first question, the Agent knows he may no longer be dealing with "prey," but may be dealing with a Man or Woman who sees him as prey. Faced with the possibility of personal liability, government Agents tend to scrupulously honor the debtor's rights, see that he gets a copy of every notice or action, provide him with an opportunity for genuine negotiation, and even act as if they were "nice guys."

Why does the government Agent do all this? Because he knows from experience that he is not the biggest fish in the pond, that the waters are dark and deep, and he may have grabbed hold of something that wants to grab hold of him.

Remember, for government Agents, the first sign of a dangerous Man or Woman is often the sound of an intelligent, sensible question.

Editor's Comments: Who Attacks? -- Who Gets Attacked?
Freedom Technology includes the appropriate questions that tend to stop terrocrat agents (terrorist bureaucrats) dead in their tracks.

The first thing to realize is that "the government" or "the state" never attacks you. It's always one or more individual terrocrats -- or a group of individual terrocrats. The terrocrats are often not the world's most intelligent people. Usually they have quotas to fill. It's much easier for them to fill their quotas if they go after Slaves, Whiners, Evaders, and Red Necks.

When confronted with a Man or a Woman who correctly asks penetrating questions that expose the terrocrats' greatest weaknesses, it usually doesn't take too long for them to back down and switch their attention to more docile victims.


by Frederick Mann

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Dynamite Legal Strategies and Tactics
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Let me illustrate by example: the IRS sends you a letter demanding that you visit them with your books and records. Their major premise is that you must come with your books and records. They are the plaintiff and you are the defendant. Your demurrer is to challenge their major premise and ask them to prove that they have the authority and jurisdiction for their demand. You change the major premise to: "they must prove their authority." Effectively, you now function as plaintiff, and they effectively function as defendant. Guess who has the advantage? (The Harry Plott Saga and The Harry Plott Saga II contain some examples of the successful application of demurrer to stop terrocrats dead in their tracks.)

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Why be Prepared for Legal Emergencies
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Why Terrocrats can be Beaten Legally
In America, all terrocrats -- from the low-level IRS clerk who sends you an extortion letter, to the unctuous judge in his intimidating black robe, sitting on his elevated pedestal -- are vulnerable. They are vulnerable because the agencies they represent achieved their ostensible power and authority through fraud. Highly workable legal strategies have been developed to expose the fraudulent foundation on which they operate, evaporating their bogus power. A wealth of practical, thoroughly tested information on exactly how to do all this is available from The Right Way ... l.a.w.

The U.S. Constitution severly limits what government bureaucrats may do. In order to circumvent these limitations, all government agencies (probably without exception) have resorted to trickery and fraud to attain their current power and scope. Through extensive research during the past few decades and determined testing in court, by a network of patriot legal scholars and practical activists, the legal means to expose the terrocrats' fraudulent foundations and use it against them, has been developed. And the legal means is being improved all the time, becoming stronger and stronger. The terrocrats are on the losing end of an unstoppable march to freedom.

Achieving a Critical Mass of Legal Expertise
The concept of "critical mass" is important. When a critical mass of people in Eastern Germany withdrew their support from their tyrants, the Berlin Wall collapsed. When a critical mass of individuals withdrew their support from their Soviet tyrants, the Soviet Empire collapsed overnight.

Generally, political systems are designed so that subjects have to support the system under penalty of punishment -- "If you don't support us, we'll take your property, smash your business, jail you, etc." I believe that the legal expertise is now available in America whereby any individual or group can withdraw support from the sytem and organize their affairs so as to reduce the risk of being punished to a negligible level. Furthermore, by organizing your affairs in this manner, your activities can become much more profitable.

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