The Experience of Personal Power, Freedom, and Prosperity

A few days ago (April 1995), David Smith called me (Frederick Mann) and told me that he's been experiencing a "real high" (what Abraham Maslow called a "peak experience?") for the past few weeks. He's been experiencing his personal power, freedom, and prosperity. I asked him to write his story:

"Dear Frederick,
Although I've technically paid money for most everything I've received from you (eg., reports, newsletters, Irvine seminar, etc.), I cannot help but feel a debt of gratitude toward you for everything you've either directly or indirectly caused to come into my life through your materials. This letter is a token of my thanks and appreciation for the marvelous and exciting changes I'm seeing both in my thinking and in my outer circumstances.

I first ordered your materials from your ad in the April or May '94 Libertarian Party News. Something in that ad really grabbed me! I think it was, for the first time, having the real possibility of practical freedom available in my life NOW. From the start, a major theme of yours has always been the absolute importance and necessity of "PERSONAL POWER." Although I always felt I understood what you meant by that, recent revelations in the last couple of months within myself have convinced me that my understanding had been primarily intellectual. And that's fine; change always begins with theory. But now I'm starting to EXPERIENCE the literal meaning of those two words; that "personal power" is a certain feeling of security, confidence and expanded possibilities and opportunities not seen or understood before. [Emphasis Added] I cannot help but repeat ideas and phrases that have appeared in your materials from the start. That as one gains "personal power," the "terrors of the tyrant" begin to lessen. All of a sudden those things you always thought or suspected would not be possible to do (amongst other things, too dangerous!), are now solidly within the realm of possibility. You see more clearly how to arrange your life and affairs advantageously in ways that "Big Brother" most probably will not be able to (cannot?) do anything about - if in fact "he" is even aware of what you're doing. All of a sudden the truth of this realization opens up tremendous possibilities for not only, as you've always put it, "making a fortune" (which most certainly is a type of freedom in itself), but for me, just as significantly, SIMULTANEOUSLY weakening the tyrant in a way that is VASTLY MORE EFFECTIVE than casting one vote, i.e., "bleeding the tyrant" by channeling resources out of the "loop" that the tyrant has created. From my viewpoint, a definite WIN-WIN situation for all "women and men of good will!" Frederick, what can I say; the major themes that you've been repeating all along have PROVED to be true!

Significantly, you've led me to Harry Plott and the tremendous opportunity that he is offering through World Network Holdings. Imagine the opportunity of being offered to be paid what amounts to potentially a fortune for showing people how they too can be personally and financially free RIGHT NOW, while you're simultaneously bringing about more and more freedom in this world, or as you've always put it, "an explosion of freedom!" To say that I'm excited about the potential (and to some extent already realized) personal fulfillment, freedom and financial gains, would be an understatement indeed! The last day of March was my last day of working for someone "in the system." Now I get to look forward to the fun and excitement of looking for those individuals of good will that are open to be shown how they too, in a relatively short time, can gain a level of personal and financial freedom that up till now they've probably only dreamed about (if that)! Like many people, I've more or less been spreading the message of the desirability of freedom all of my adult life (I might add, for free). And that's been just great and a lot of fun and satisfaction and I intend to continue. But now I can show people what they can specifically start doing IMMEDIATELY to significantly increase their freedom in the present. And I'm being offered a potential fortune to do it! Now that's "the power of knowledge!"

Also significantly Frederick, through you I found out about Scope International and the writings of W.G. Hill. His writings have helped greatly expand my views of the world and the freedom that's available NOW for those who are ready, as "the mysterious writer J.E.T." said, "to seize their freedom." I highly recommend his writings! It bears repeating, "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER."

My hat's off to you, Frederick. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely and with much thanks, [signed] David T. Smith.

P.S. Frederick, you're welcome to use any or all of this letter in any way you choose. I look forward to seeing you again at the Houston Seminar."

The Repetition Principle
From the time that he first read some of our materials, it took Mr. Smith nearly a year before he started experiencing certain aspects of Freedom Technology. Some exceptional people (like Harry Plott) can read something once, immediately "get it at the gut level," and implement it. Most of us are not so fortunate; we have to read something, attempt to apply it, read it again, make another attempt, etc. Many people have to read something at least seven times before they start getting it. And some people cannot get certain things no matter how many times they read them; they may have to also listen to a tape or receive the information personally from a speaker at a seminar or workshop. And then they need to attempt to apply it, and read or listen to it again. They may have to do this many times before they get it.

Can our readers help with any suggestions on how they themselves, as well as others, might better experience real freedom? What exercises, repetitions, formats, and so on might help? Maybe the reports on audio tape - would you buy such a product?