Your Right To Express Your Business Creativity

by Jim Robertson

Applied creativity is what changes the world. In all its many splendid forms and colors and types, creativity applied gives us great ideas and applications of those ideas. All inventions, great and small, arise. Ways of interacting with other people to maximize human productivity, efficiency, and advancement come about.

You as a business person are involved in the betterment of the world. You are a Value Creator. You apply your creative and entrepreneurial spirit. You create true wealth.

One of these forms of true wealth you create lies in the value of forming productive relationships. You can maximize this in a networking structure. Even as you create new productive relationships, you retain all your power to continue to create new ones.

When money and the spread of valuable information are involved, you engage in business creativity. When you do this, you better yourself, your family, your friends, your associates, and humankind.

Have you ever been told that by engaging in honest business dealings you are being greedy, exploitative, or a parasite? If so, recognize that this is the language of the Value Destroyers. While you create beneficial business and personal relationships for voluntary mutual benefit, the Value Destroyers seek to tear down what you have created. You create Value. They destroy Value. In their warped view of the world, they view their Forced Order-Giving as Value Creation -- and that they need to give you, the True Value Creator, those Forced Orders, to better the world.

Well, you and I know you certainly don't need the Forced Orders of these bureaucrats to Create Value in this world. The bureaucrats tell you that you need their Forced Orders because otherwise they'd be out of a job!

The Value Destroyers are far worse than merely useless. They actually destroy Value that YOU have created! Most of their "work-time existence" is in fact spent devising ways to destroy the value that YOU have created! Almost all of their work day is spent on Value Destruction. This is Value YOU have created. I ask you: who is moral in this world -- they, the value-destroying bureaucrats, or you, the value-creating business person?

You have a right to associate and network with others in any voluntary manner you agree upon is mutually beneficial. This includes any and all non-harmful business projects and relationships. Part of increasing your freedom is to stop the Value Destroyers from interfering with your honest beneficial relationships - your business networks.

With increasing financial success, you're in a better position to do this. Your newly-forming Value Relationships create a structural basis for future Value Creation as well. In some cases this might be your "customer base." In other cases, you may interact with others in your Value Structure in other ways. Specifically how you do so is up to you.