by Jim Robertson

    Theme: "I enjoy taking intelligent risks. By taking risks and accepting challenge, I broaden my horizons and increase my power." -- Mark Lindsay

    Intelligent risk-taking enables you to express your creativity, drive & determination, and skill in shaping your financial future.
    As an independent thinker, you pride yourself on making your own decisions. You don't need permission from bureaucrats to do things that are likely to improve your financial future.

    "I enjoy taking intelligent risks."
    You enjoy making assessments about your life that make sense. This gives you a sense of accomplishment. You have taken responsibility for your own actions. You maximize your success prospects at acceptable risk levels.
    No one should take unacceptable risks. That's not intelligent.
    What is intelligent is taking intelligent risks. This you do.

    "By taking risks and accepting challenge, I broaden my horizons."
    You live your life as an adventure. You do this by broadening your horizons. You live life to the fullest!
    To broaden your horizons, you accept challenge. You expand your "personal comfort zone."
    We all have areas in which we feel comfortable. That's fine. But to embrace the full zest of life, we all need something more. Money is great, but we do it for even more than money alone. We need challenge -- to ever test ourselves, and bring ourselves to the forefront life. of our capacity.
    You expand your personal comfort zone. You feel your horizons expanding. You hear the call to adventure.
    You take the intelligent risk. You accept the challenge. You broaden your horizons.

    "By taking risks and accepting challenge, I increase my power."
    You wish to maximize your sense of accomplishment. This you do by accepting challenges and meeting them.
    You take intelligent risks and reap the benefits from them. You get money. Money increases your power.
    You accept the challenge. You meet the challenge. You become successful and thus increase your power. It's money, but it's also more than money. You increase your power because you accept the challenge. All by itself, accepting the challenge increases your power. You have made your own decision to accept the challenge. You have increased your power.
    You take the intelligent risk. You accept the challenge. You increase your power.
    By meeting the challenge, you then have success. You further increase your power.

    In finance, we often use what we call a "worst-case scenario" analysis. We analyze what the worst possible outcome is. If we find that outcome acceptable, then all else is "pure gravy."

    Even any time spent in the experience increases your power -- because you have a learning experience for the future! You have accepted the challenge. That alone has increased your power, your willingness to test yourself -- your willingness to bring yourself to the forefront of your capacity.

    Money is important for most people in increasing personal power, because money opens so many other options for you in your life. Money is a strong motivator.