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Summary of the major topics covered:

Life should be a process of never ending self-improvement

Humans have the ability to learn and improve indefinitely, and this should be a life-long goal for everyone. Choose a productive life filled with purpose, adventure, discoveries, excitement, fun, etc., to increase our health and happiness. (Unfortunately, many get to a certain point in their life where they stop developing and learning; boredom sets in, then the joy of life gradually fades to the point of a mere existence.)

We should frequently aim to learn new skills, improve existing skills, increase our effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, etc.; increase emotional and intellectual maturity, harness our creativity, invent, explore, push our "limits"/comfort-zone, eagerly meet new people and seek out new information, question everything; set an honorable minimal personal standard for one's self on ethics, integrity, morals, etc.

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Discover and embrace true freedom

There are three kinds of people in this world:
  1. "masters" - those who wish to dominate, control, and enslave others, typically for financial gain,
  2. "slaves" - passive/obedient mentally-lazy people who unwittingly let others dominate/enslave them, due to living in ignorance and fear,
  3. "free" - those who embrace freedom and aren't easily coerced.
Freedom-oriented individuals:

Pick any issue - freedom or slavery - which option do you stand for!? Freedom of speech, or censorship of information which challenges or contradicts "masters"? Do you believe that a few people should tell everyone else what to do (i.e. central planning - a key tenet of communism) and everyone must follow their "system"? If you believe in "authorities"/"experts", that their word is "law" and you must obey, then you make yourself their slave and them your master. So long as people allow themselves to be slaves, there will always be "masters".

True and complete freedom has no in-between and no compromise. No-one has a right to impose their will upon innocent others, and no-one has a right to a "fair share" of anyone else's legitimately obtained/earned property, or the fruits of their labor. There's no such thing as "too much freedom". Issues such as dealing with potential crime - when someone willfully violates someone else or someone else's property without their consent (disobeying "masters" does not in itself constitute a crime), etc. - is a whole other separate topic.

Creating a better society will not come about by making up endless new rules and bureaucratic agencies/empires to enforce them. We need people to educate themselves, become more ethical and moral, re-establish community, etc.

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Realize that ALL of politics is a lie/fraud/sham - there is no legitimate "government" anywhere on Earth

Humans are born into an assumed subject/slave status which extremely few ever realize and challenge. For example, did you sign a contract granting authority to anyone to tell you what to do and not do, to dictate any/all details of your life, and that they may take however much of your property for whatever purposes they like? Of course no sane individual has or would sign such one-sided nonsense.

Creating a valid contract requires that you personally (not someone else on your behalf) agree to and sign it knowingly, willingly, voluntarily, and intentionally - without any threats/force/coercion. So even if some people did actually agree, you can only apply and enforce any such contract upon those specific individuals who agreed to and signed it. No claims or exceptions to the contrary have any possible validity whatsoever.

Yet the pretended "government" bureaucrats act as if they have such a contract with everyone, to the most extreme and absurd point, as if they own everyone and everything, and may therefore decide all rules for everyone and everything.

Since obviously no such valid contract exists, instead, the liars, thieves, and parasites who call themselves "government" maintain their illusion of "legitimacy" and "authority" via various frauds, lies, and nonsense foisted upon the ignorant and gullible masses, such as "voting", bogus "constitutions", "divine-right", etc. All the supposed "titles" given to some supposedly "important" humans, such as "president", "prime-minister", "emperor", "king", etc., are all just lies, frauds, idolatry, and nonsense. In reality, there are no "rulers" - we already live in anarchy; we just have masses of gullible believers/followers.

The supposed "laws" of these fraudulent "government" bureaucrats are likewise of no validity or authority. In reality there are no "laws" - the very idea of "law" is a lie used to brainwash the naive and gullible masses into submission and "compliance". The pretended "law" is really just ordinary words or meaningless scribbles, but the vast majority of humans hallucinate them to be "special words" or "orders" which "must be obeyed".

By understanding the issues presented here, you as an individual can adjust your thinking and life to live mostly freely in a predominantly master/slave world. Now imagine the freedom revolution that will occur when we persuade a critical mass of humans to wake up to these realities!

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Learn the critical issue of money versus currency - how political/banker parasites secretly steal your wealth; become your own bank

We used to deal in real money: coins made of valuable metals such as gold and silver. Then currency was invented - a paper note redeemable for gold or silver - but this enabled a massive swindle to later take place upon the naive masses, whereby the backing of the currency by real money was suddenly canceled, making the currency intrinsically worthless - its supposed "value" a complete illusion, relying entirely upon faith/confidence/ignorance.

Nowadays, most currency isn't even physical notes - merely digits in online accounts (which costs nothing to create - no printing/distribution overhead), which political/banker parasites - through their various schemes - issue endless quantities of to themselves and their cronies to buy whatever they want, and pay for "news" (propaganda) organizations and thugs to perpetuate their parasitical "system", whilst everyone else works hard to earn it.

These currency scams ("dollar", "euro", etc.) continue globally, so long as the majority of people continue to accept them; but over time, as the inflation of the currencies increases, their purchasing power declines (what you can buy now versus years ago).

To contribute towards permanently stopping evil terrorist-bureaucrat "systems", save in real money (gold, silver, platinum) which political/banker parasites cannot simply issue (counterfeit) at everyone else's expense, and encourage others to do the same.

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Grasp at least the basics of economics - Who creates value? Who destroys value?

An economy basically consists of two or more people creating and exchanging goods and services. Economics essentially refers to the mechanics of value production, distribution, and consumption.

The greatest value only comes about through respecting the private-property of each other, hence requiring voluntary exchange - where all parties to a transaction only decide to deal with each other when - in their own opinion - they all gain.

So what effect do the activities of thieves, robbers, fraudsters, etc. have on an economy? Their possession/consumption of something for which they contributed nothing back to obtain, equates to destruction of value for the victims, in addition to other negative consequences: emotional, psychological, etc., all of which can ripple through an economy in further destructive ways.

Many people believe that we can't have a functioning economy without "government", but an astute observer knows to the contrary - that we survive and thrive despite having "government" and other thieves and robbers - we would all be so much richer and better off without all of them!

Pick any issue, for example you want the road refurbished in your street? Cut out the middlemen, talk to your neighbors, consult directly with companies who do the work. Then you'll know exactly how much it costs, versus political/banker parasites frequently stealing large sums from everyone and wasting most of it, before finally paying for the road (which, through all the various "taxes", we've already paid for many times over).

Put another way, would you rather decide exactly how, how much, when, and where you spend your currency/money (freedom), or would you rather have someone take it from you and they decide all the details (slavery)?

The parasites who call themselves "government" - puppet politicians, bureaucrats, and other clowns - produce nothing of value. Everything they have, they have stolen. Bloated "administration" overhead, endless "programs", "redistribution of wealth", "defense" (war-mongering), numerous "agencies", etc.

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Learn and apply the means to achieving super-health and fitness

Humans should only eat raw organic/bio-dynamic food as found in nature: fruits, vegetables, nuts, dates, seeds, etc., and only drink pure water. No cooked, processed, or frozen foods. Cooking food damages it and causes toxic byproducts. Eliminate all alcohol, drugs, smoking, junk-food, etc. Learn about your body, what it needs, and what it's trying to tell you. As a simple general guide (which only works with raw food): if something smells and tastes good, your body wants it, otherwise just don't eat it.

Unfortunately for many, undoing a lifetime of conditioning and bad lifestyle habits/choices may seem highly undesirable or difficult, but once you experience the health benefits and mental clarity that comes from a better diet, you won't want to go back.

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Start a free-enterprise business - stop feeding the parasites!

After realizing that you have no real obligation to "comply" with the pretended "law" (lies) of bureaucrat parasites, you can then take the next steps of figuring out how to protect yourself from their "protection racket" scam, including how to protect your assets/business/income/family/etc.

Stop being an informant on yourself (how much does anyone know about you if you don't tell them anything?); stop reporting your income; stop registering your business; stop wasting your time "filing" their bullshit "paperwork"; stop asking for permission or applying for "licenses", "certificates", etc. (control-mechanisms) to do things with your body and your property which you can already do.

Imagine a world where everyone laughs at, ignores, mocks, and ridicules the territorial-gangsters who masquerade as "government", and no-one accepts their currency as payment. Their flimsy "power" will quickly evaporate when a critical mass of individuals realize that their primary means of "control" comes from words - publishing nonsense and sending out threatening letters, which for the most part they need you to voluntarily comply with, as they can't really enforce much of anything against millions of people.

So they give you a so-called "fine" (robbery notice) for a fabricated "infringement" where you harmed no-one and committed no crime, so no punishment or compensation is really due to anyone for anything. They want you to think that you must play their game their way, go to "court" if you want to dispute it, etc., but actually you have so many more options, the simplest of which in many cases is to just return to sender unopened all of their rubbish - don't consent or acknowledge them in any way, and don't waste any of your time with them.

As their "revenue" through all of their various deception, fraud, theft, and robbery schemes drops, political/banker parasites increasingly inflate their currencies through their "deficit spending" and other scams, hastening the inevitable collapse of their criminal "empires". Exit "the system" as much as practical; increase your independence; be prepared. Educate others about legitimate alternatives, voluntary cooperation, etc.

You want protection? Arm yourself, or talk to your friends/family/neighbors, or organize something with other business-owners such as consulting directly with a security-company about dedicated full-time on-site crime-prevention. Chances are so-called "police" won't help in time - if at all. More likely, so long as unscrupulous "masters" keep hiring unthinking thugs to enforce whatever slave "system" they tell them to, and equip them with clubs and guns, you'll need protection from "police"!

Links to further detailed articles coming soon...

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Thanks for visiting! This website is currently undergoing a thorough renovation. In the meantime, check out the Build Freedom Archive - the best collection of advanced self-improvement, freedom, and related websites available - all conveniently in one place!

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